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Memphis & Me Hair Accessories

Hi there! My name is Karena, and I’m a mama to a rambunctious toddler named Memphis. I was blessed with curly biracial hair and when I’m in mom-mode, I always need a scrunchie, headband or claw to keep my hair OUT of my face (and out of his hands!).

After I had my son, I had terrible and embarrassing postpartum hair loss. I noticed using store-brand hair ties were pulling and ultimately damaging my hair, so I stopped buying cheap hair accessories. I went back to my childhood roots of sewing fun scrunchies and headbands; this time using soft, premium fabrics in hopes of reducing hair loss. And guess what? It worked!

I set out to make gentle, long-lasting, fashion forward products at an affordable price. Whether you’re a busy mama, working badass, yoga fanatic, or simply want super cute products, I hope you love your hair accessories as much as I love making them.

You wear your hair everyday; be kind to it. Find me at

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