Wednesday Farmers Market at Everett Station


30 years ago Marie Brayman with a big vision, but just a few vendors, in an empty unpaved lot just west of what is now Lowes Hardware store to start a farmers market in Everett.

Marie had the determination and patience to stick with it, to get the market off the ground and nurture it through its early growing pains. Old time vendors remember standing on large rocks in the rain and mud, with water running between their feet, waiting for customers to find the market.

The following year the Port of Everett agreed to allow the market on the Port property, things began to really jump forward. To begin with, the parking lot was unpaved, and there was no water for flower vendors or electricity for cooking or music amplification. Feet were still wet, hauling water and cooking was a problem, but the Market had a great view and the possibility of becoming a DESTINATION.

Well now in 2023, now 30 years later, the Everett Farmers Market which will be down by the Everett Station in downtown Everett and right across the street from the original location.